About us

We are professionals in different fields, working for several years and constantly improving in the construction sector. We specialize in engineering systems of individual houses: SEWAGE, WATER PIPE, HEATING, VENTILATION, ELECTRICAL PANEL INSTALLATION. The other part of the team is in METAL STRUCTURES MANUFACTURE and INSTALLATION (railings, fences, terrace canopies).

Our team has been filled with new members working in the CONSTRUCTION OF MODULAR HOUSES (installers, designers, constructors). We have put all the experience we have into one common fist, so be sure that the SAUNA, RECREATION, GARDEN or RESIDENCE house intended for you will be the MOST FUNCTIONAL, WARM, STURDY and the chosen HVAC SOLUTIONS the most acceptable.

We work in Lithuania and Europe

We will implement your desired project throughout Lithuania and beyond.

Guarantee of quality

We provide a guarantee for our work. We ensure the use of tools from reliable manufacturers.

Personal attention

We value live conversations and are there for each client throughout the project.

Professional team

MUDU/2 - it is a team of professionals from different fields gathered under one roof.

Our partners

Reliable partners are an important part of our business. We want to be sure that all phases of the project go smoothly and that the best solutions are chosen.

Let's get in touch

Write to us and together we will find the best project proposal that meets exactly your needs.